Get your gear.

Creating your Virtual 360 Tour requires a Ricoh Theta S camera to take a 360 degree photo that is formatted for using our platform to add interactive hot spots to it to provide powerful traffic conversion abilities.

This special camera takes a photo that is then melded together in our studio with the interactive hot spots.  You will need to either gear up and purchase your own equipment or when you join our membership program you can use ours as long as your a paid members in good standing.

This camera connects to your mobile phone using an app and a WiFi connection provided by the phone to connect your phone to the system so you can place the camera in a location and view what the camera sees on your phone.  This allows you to step out of the room so your not in the shot unless you want to be to provide a visual clue and place a hot spot by you so visitors click on it form more information about you. For example if your the listing agent and you want to provide a bio or a popup video with you welcoming them to the tour as if you were there with them in person.

Once you have taken photos of each room you can download the files from the camera by connecting it to your laptop or desktop pc via the included USB cable. 

Then simply upload the photos to us and include the list of hot spots you want to have us place on the shot with the work sheet you will get to document each property with.  A simple on-line form will allow you to upload the photos and select the hot spots you want us to place on them.

We will process the files and put them on our server and provide you with the link you can put into your MLS pages or your company web site.  If you have us develop your tour web site as well, we will upload them for you and place them in your property gallery.  That way you can then promote your web site how ever you wish and visitors will see them.  We have seen agents use a large QR code poster that drive by visitors can scan with their smart phones from their car and have them taken to the tour web site. QR codes can also be used on flyers and printed material too. 

The system we use will allow you to connect directly to the tour via a url or embed them into a web page or blog post directly.

Ricoh Theta S is the required camera to use so your photo format is compatible with our software.

These items are optional but they are very helpful to you to place your camera in the right spot and have it stand alone so you can get out of the shot if you want to.

Protect your camera.

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